Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Use of delegates to improve the performance of application



Delegate is a type which  holds the method(s) reference in an object. It is also referred to as a type safe function pointer.

Using delegates basically includes three stages:

1) Defining Delegate.
2) Declaring Delegate.
3) Method Definition.

These stages are elaborated as follows:

1) Defining Delegate:

public delegate double AddNumbers(double num1, double num2);
While defining delegate, we are supposed to provide the parameters and the datatype of the delegate. In our example , the delegate has two parameters num1 and num2 which are of double type . And also the return type of our delegate is double.

2) Declaring Delegate:

Now after defining delegate, we need to declare our delegate .
public AddNumbers objAdd = null;
I have created this object of our delegate and instantiated it to null. So that I can use it anytime in my code file without declaring it again and again.

3) Method Definition:

Now the final thing that we need to do is to create the method that is going to be referenced by our delegate.

So here is our method :

public double AddMyValues(double val1, double val2)
    return val1+val2;

Now, how we are going to integrate all these , is described below:

public delegate double Delegate_Add(double a,double b);
 class MainClass
    static double AddMyValues(double val1, double val2)
        return val1+val2;
    static void Main(string[] args){
    //Creating the Delegate Instance
    Delegate_Add delObj = new Delegate_Add(AddMyValues);
    Console.Write("Please Enter Values");
    double v1 = convert.toDouble(Console.ReadLine());
    double v2 = convert.toDouble(Console.ReadLine());
    double result = delObj(v1,v2); 
    Console.WriteLine ("Sum of two numbers is :"+result);
Advantages of using delegates :
1)Encapsulating the method's call.
2)Use of delegates improve the performance of application.
3)Used to call a method asynchronously.
Thus , by using delegates we can increase perfomance of our application.

Happy Coding!

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